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We know herbs, or the story of a family passion


There would be no ZIOLOVE brand if it weren't for the duo created by father and daughter. The author of all the brand's herbal tea recipes is Mateusz Senderski. He is an herbal practitioner with over 45 years of experience, who has spent his entire professional life in herbalism. His adventure with plants began during his studies at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. During his herbalism classes at the Department of Medicinal and Specialty Plants at SGGW, it was medicinal plants that interested him the most.

After graduation, it was time to face the reality. - I went for herbalism and herbs, because I felt something unusual about them. Intuition did not let me down," admits Mateusz Senderski. He gained professional experience, among others, in the Herbapol herbal plants, and later created his own Herbavis Herbal Processing Plant. He gained practical knowledge by collecting more than 100 species of herbs on his own for many years, both from the natural state and by cultivating more than 20 species of herbs. He himself admits that it was a great adventure and a school for practical learning of herbalism!

Mateusz Senderski is the author of many herbal guides, including the industry bestseller "Almost everything about herbs", and "Herbal recipes for health".

He passed his passion and love for nature to his daughter Agnieszka Senderska-Sztand, who created the ZIOLOVE brand in 2016. - I remember vividly that, as a girl, I liked to accompany my dad in picking linden flowers. I will always associate their sweet fragrance with carefree childhood and vacations. I also remember our "inspection" trips to fields full of mint, thyme and tarragon. As a kid I loved to sip homemade syrups, made from rowan and elderberry fruits collected by my dad. I will never forget that taste," says Agnieszka Senderska-Sztand.

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